"An irresistable Cuban cocktail of ferocious sensuality”
— The Australian, Sydney

“It is dazzlingly fast-paced, humorous and sizzlingly hot-blooded”
— The Daily Express, London

“Once the Cuban dancers get going with their athletic bodies and exuberant temperament, it gets really hot.”
— The Tagesspiegel, Berlin


Ballet Revolución's young Cuban dancers let their athletic bodies do the talking anywhere in the world: audiences cannot get enough of their exuberant energy and contagious joy of life with which they turn any idea into an explosive and intense performance. With breathtaking twists, daring jumps and sensual moves from ballet to street dance, Ballet Revolución has impressed audiences in sold-out shows from Sydney and Singapore to Berlin, Vienna and London.

The dancers were trained at one of the world’s most prestigious dance institutions in their home country, the Escuela Nacional de Arte, with its renowned faculty of modern dance, and at the famous Escuela Nacional deBallet for classical dance. Dance training is strongly promoted in Cuba, as dance means more than art: on the Caribbean island, it means life. The dancers thus unite in their movements, a unique Cuban expression with the highest dancing virtuosity.

The result is a combination of modern dance styles, elegant ballet and Afro-Cuban dance traditions performed to the rhythms of Latin American music, R&B and hip hop.


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