“These guys could play on any stage.”
— Sir Paul McCartney

“Great Band, Great show.”
— Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin

“This is the same stuff I used to make my records with... Straight from the hip.”
— Dion

"Robby’s a true guitar slinger!"
— Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones


Rockabilly Hall of Fame inductee, recording artist and son of legendary Bobby VeeRobby Vee has been performing on the biggest stages across the globe for some time now, modernizing the timeless genre of rock n’ roll and rockabilly with a clear vision. He has learned from and shared stages with iconic musicians from James Burton to Carl PerkinsBo DiddleyAlbert LeeLittle Richard, the Everly BrothersSir Paul McCartneyEric ClaptonDionThe Righteous BrothersBuddy Holly’s CricketsDick Clark and his ‘Caravan of Stars Rock ‘N’ Roll Show’, his father, 60’s pop rocker Bobby Vee and many more.

Known for combining elements of his vast repertoire and telling stories that bridge the generation gap from the roots of rock-n-roll to the new sounds of Americana music of today, Robby Vee has captured the attention of audiences and respected industry professionals both nationally and internationally.


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